Pics from Original Release

The problems that have been in Pickup kept getting worse. Eventually, we were drowning in orders, people waiting long times, and cancelled/returned product that needed to go back. This page is just some pictures of what was going on when I first put this site up.

Leftover stickers where each one often represents a whole tote worth of stuff. We'd have one to zero pickers. Examples include this, Aug14, and Aug21.

Obstacles including broken label-maker, broken payment devices, and unbagged totes. Reshop in corner blocking our bags and supplies probably counts. The puddle and mess we were nearly slipping on, but couldn't clean up, added to it.

The reshop piled up. Supposed to be about one tote in each temperature that we get rid of before day is over. You can tell we have no staff just looking at it all. Room tempature examples here and here. Refrigerated piles here and here. We had piles of deli meat to throw away. The frozen corner was a joke.

All this despite billions in profit.