Our Prayer for Kroger

(Oct. 8, 2021)

Many of us have been praying, sometimes fasting, for Kroger and its workers since before this project existed. God's been answering. After getting fired, my friends kept texting me both support (esp prayers/verses) and that management hadn't really changed. I'm really grateful for their love and support. I really missed them. So, I went up there Tuesday to see everybody. Got to catch up, minister to folks, and so on. Gave some folks my new site on quickly learning to share the Gospel. It was a great visit.

While there, I recruited more believers to pray about everything that's going on. There's already many in and out of Kroger supporting us in prayer, even church groups. I'm posting our group prayers below so others can join in. Wherever we are, we'll be asking for our Father's help on this. That's on top of Jesus' own prayers He makes daily to lift us up in our struggles. They can feel unbearable. Just remember that we're only tested within our ability, to build us up, and to fight it with Him. He who already overcame the world is backing us. Hold fast to our hope! :)

Big-Picture Prayers

1. Pray for God our Father to be glorified at and through Kroger. That believers there both share the Gospel and show the love of Christ as much as they can. Kroger stores are in communities all over the United States. Individual stores can serve sometimes tens of thousands of people. At stores everywhere, Kroger's workers have always encouraged, counseled, and otherwise helped those people. It can be small things like finding an item or big things in local communities. Many customers give workers love and support right back, too. Kroger sends people to events and does charity. Pray that people come to Christ and see Him in every thing believers do in those stores. This site links to the Gospel, too. Pray He draws people to Him through everything having to do with Kroger.

2. Pray for Kroger itself. This is a company with over 400,000 workers, serving a third of U.S. shoppers, and doing $100+ million a year in charity. Kroger has a massive impact on this country every day. When running right, both Kroger's managers and clerks are a massive force for good who impact tens of millions of people. Pray God transforms the company in a way that lets its people do the most good in this country and the world. Yes, even the world since a company Kroger's size can have a global impact in a way that's also good for business. The company is full of talent. It's just waiting for the right leadership who will let them put it to use.

Prayers for People Involved

3. Pray He helps Christian workers be a light in every place we are, including Kroger. May we show who Jesus is in how we live, share Him with others, and love and minister to people around us. Listen to and encourage them. Help those in need. If any cause us problems, may we love, bless, and pray for them so Jesus may change their hearts from within. For believers not in church or the Word, invite them to get back in both. If hesitant, invite them to just hang with us spending some of that time in God's Word. Lead them through it.

4. Pray for all Kroger workers that He blesses them. Pray God grants them more peace and joy in their lives. More good moments. Pray He gives them patience and wisdom for the daily challenges they face. That He helps them with their personal struggles, families, school... all of that. Pray He opens up doors for any that feel they must leave. If they are leaving, both pray and encourage them to do it in a positive way even when their bosses don't deserve it. Don't stoop down to their level. Encourage that they do it the right way for God, to set good examples for others, and for their own reputations.

5. Lastly, pray for the believers in Truth About Kroger that we stay blameless in our walk. This is a big thing impacting lots of people that I worry about messing up. Pray that we stay focused every day on a humble walk with God loving and serving others. As we focus on Him, that God blesses each step... from what we post to meetings we have... to do the right thing in the right way. For workers and us, He uses our faith and obedience to change Kroger and its peoples' lives for the better. If He says no, then His Will be done and we be grateful for what He gives us each day. Pray we still live and serve our best each day anyway.

And we pray all of this in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Edit on Jan. 25, 2022: The project is over. I still encourage you to pray for Kroger and those there. We were definitely seeing results both at an individual level and in corporate responses to some situations. God was definitely moving even if He didn't grant our largest prayers. Might do those in the future.

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